Out n about mobility AeroLite-1
Only weighs 22kg including the battery!

The Aerolite offers simple intelligent design and is the ideal powerchair for the occasional traveller looking for the combination of indoor manoeuvrability and use on pavements and in the shops.

The design was created with ease of use as a priority so with just a simple pull or push the Aerolite is folded or unfolded. With its tension adjustable back, adjustable arm rests and flip up footrest the Aerolite continues to boast some of the features of more advanced powerchairs but at a much lighter weight of just 18kg (20.5kg with batteries) it is even more travel friendly.

The single lithium battery offers even more simplicity and has its own charge socket so it can be charged off board. It is also below the Civil Aviation Authorities maximum capacity for air travel. Lithium batteries are also lighter, quicker to charge and
longer-lasting than the traditional SLA batteries.

The Aerolite Powerchair comes with 2 years warranty and much more.
Out n about mobility

Fold Up Armrests

Out n about mobility AeroLite-30

Removable Battery With Off Board Charging

fold away foot rest

Fold Away Foot Rest

Out n about mobility AeroLite-9

Adjustable Anti Tip Wheels

Out n about mobility AeroLite-16

Easy To Remove Joystick

Out n about mobility AeroLite-27

Easy To Wheel

AeroLite Specifications

aerolite specs part 1
aerolite specs pt2

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